A Tribute To A Bristol Legend: Celebrating And Commemorating The Life Of Dr Roy Hackett MBE By Roger Griffith

Today, Bristol will celebrate and commemorate the life of a legend Roy Hackett. Yet we will know Roy’s life extend beyond the cities walls. I credit Roy as one of the key elements for improving the lives of the Black community in Bristol through his selfless work. He has had also had a major impactContinue reading “A Tribute To A Bristol Legend: Celebrating And Commemorating The Life Of Dr Roy Hackett MBE By Roger Griffith”

The Female’s Who Helped Me Through 2.0

In January 2021, shortly after the UK plummeted into our 3rd Nationwide lockdown, I wrote a blog post for Creative Connex called ‘The Females That Helped Me Through’, spotlighting some incredible women whose positive Instagram pages and writing had helped me through a pretty dreary time. I was so thankful to have a space whereContinue reading “The Female’s Who Helped Me Through 2.0”

Caribbean Elders Visit Sir Frank Bowling Exhibition

On 23rd September over thirty Caribbean elders attended a special day at the Arnolfini,  to view the exhibition by the renowned abstract artist, Sir Frank Bowling. Local community-based arts organisations Creative Connex, No Bindings and local artist Christelle Pellecuer worked in partnership with the Arnolfini Team and UWE Bristol to organise the day out forContinue reading “Caribbean Elders Visit Sir Frank Bowling Exhibition”

The Female’s Who Helped Me Through

As you may or may not be aware, I am Millie and I have been the driving force behind these newsletters since 2019. In recent months I have become increasingly thankful for these bulletins that allow Creative Connex to illuminate, educate and initiate through updates, opportunities and recommendations. They also provide a voice, not justContinue reading “The Female’s Who Helped Me Through”

2021. The Year Ahead in Focus

2021 is finally here! I prefer to rejoice that we are still together for another year. A national lockdown, schools closed, further outbreaks and an American attack on democracy means just turning the calendar page does not wash away past ills.   In 2020 unequal societal fissures societies turned into chasms. Racial, health and economic issuesContinue reading “2021. The Year Ahead in Focus”