Ten Creative Connex Outcomes

What you can achieve by working with us 

  1. Increased engagement from diverse communities and improve opportunities for more inclusive working.
  2. Improve your organisations awareness of diversity by working with our dynamic team to improve your knowledge and awareness of equalities issues. 
  3. Increase confidence and skills into employment.
  4. Improve brand recognition and opportunities using our media and digital platforms.
  5. Co-curate creative projects with a range of organisations and diverse people to empower change and improve community cohesion.

We engage and deliver by 

  1. Offering opportunities for those socially responsible businesses and organisations willing to take the next step toward inclusivity. 
  2. Helping organisations understand the value of diversity and inclusion.
  3. Championing Black Asian & Minority Ethnic representation at all levels within   organisations, businesses and academia.
  4. Increasing diversity by delivering inclusive creative projects with under-represented groups in the arts, media and business.
  5. The use of our second to none, problem-solving strategies that deliver solutions.